Who are you? I’m Daniil Gentili and this website is about danuntu, a custom  ubuntu distro made for Rockchip based tv sticks, phones and  tablets such as UG802, MK808, DMA6000 and so on (try to find  the Easter egg in this website ;).  Why danuntu? Because Daniil + ubuntu = danuntu :-)  What is so special about danuntu? Here are the key features of danuntu in a nutshell: Features Ease of installation. Danuntu is extremely easy to install. All you need is a windows, Mac OS or linux system (you can even use a SE208BW, an iPad or a raspberry pi!), your android stick, an internet connection and ten minutes. Easy to use. Danuntu is made to be easy to configure and use. Wireless configuration is simplified by wpa gui, and then you can have fun browsing the internet and playing games! Lots of flavours. Lxde, xfce, gnome, unity and kde desktop versions are aviable. Also a base version without desktops is provided. I am working on the enlightenment e19 desktop flavour. Pure Ubuntu experience. Only a few additional programs are installed and everything is up to date. Can be installed everywhere. Danuntu can be installed not only on rk3066 sticks but also on any other arm(hf) stick, phone or tablet. I am providing danuntu versions without a kernel so that you can install your own. Got it? Yeah, sure! Who should I thank for this wonderful creation? Daniil Gentili for creating danuntu Alok Sinha for providing his kernel Ubuntu for existing Thanks dude! And thanks also to Alok and Ubuntu! How can I install danuntu? Just head over to the download page! But please before you start modifying your device :) read the disclaimer! OK! See ya! Bye! Oh and one last thing: if you see a typo in the website or a bug in danuntu, please contact me, OK? No problem!