Here is what you will need to do to install danuntu. Recovery kernel installation Prerequisites: Your rk3066 device. It is preferred to have root access on the rk3066 device or else a rooted custom rom. First, you need to install a recovery kernel. You can choose any recovery kernel as long as it supports ubuntu. To make it easier for you I have already provided the Alok Sinha’s picuntu recovery kernel with two easy-peasy installation methods. Method 1. This method requires a rooted device. 1. Download this file on your device. 2. Extract the downloaded zip file to /data/local/tmp (you can use Es file explorer to extract the zip). 3. Install and open the Terminal emulator app. 4. In terminal emulator type: su (grant superuser access if prompted) If you see a # instead of a $ next to the curent folder name then continue to step 5. If there’s still a $ or nothing at all then wait some time. If the # still doesn’t come up check in the superuser app if you have granted permissions to Terminal Emulator. Once you have granted superuser permission to Terminal Emulator type su again in the terminal emulator. If you still can’t see the # then probably you don’t have root or it is disabled in the superuser app. Download root checker to check whether you have root access. 5. Type: cd /data/local/tmp chmod 777 flash_image recovery.img ./flash_image recovery ./recovery.img 6. That’s it! If flash_image flashed the recovery kernel successfully then you can go on to the actual danuntu installation tutorial! Just don’t forget to type exit twice to exit the terminal emulator. Method 2. This method doesn’t require root access but it has a disadvantage (see step 3). 1. Download this file to your device. 2a. Install the downloaded file as an OTA update. This can be done usually by going in Settings > Info about this device > system upgrade > local upgrade > Here select the downloaded file and click yes in the prompt that will follow. 2b. If you have a custom recovery (CWM) than simply reboot into recovery and flash the downloaded zip. 3. When you will want to reboot to the recovery kernel you will need to repeat the above steps (you can skip the first step if you didn’t delete the file after flashing it). Danuntu installation Here are the instructions on how to install danuntu. The installation procedure will vary depending on the operating system installed on your device. If you have a rk3066 tablet or phone (touch device) or a non-rk3066 stick/tablet/phone, use the without kernel tarball installation method. Here are all the instructions on how to install danuntu using: A linux PC (including raspberry pi, and danuntu stick. Installation using the SE208BW is possible only with the SE208BW picuntu kernel image installation method.). Picuntu kernel tarball installation Picuntu kernel image installation Without kernel tarball installation SE208BW Picuntu kernel image installation A Windows PC. Picuntu kernel image installation A Mac. Picuntu kernel image installation An iPad. Picuntu kernel image installation Once you’ve installed danuntu on your sdcard/USB drive, go to the configuration page. There you will find instructions on how to boot and configure danuntu.