Here’s what you need to do to remove danuntu. 1. First, you will need to erase danuntu from the sdcard/USB drive. To do this, simply create a new partition table with gparted and a new partition with maximum size and the filesystem you prefer (BTW, android recognizes only fat32). 2. This step isn’t actually necessary if you do not intend to use a custom recovery (CWM). 2.1. Your device must be roooted. If you do not have root on your device follow step 2.2. Download your custom recovery image (or extract it from an installation zip) and this file. Copy both of the files in /data/local/tmp, install and open the Terminal emulator app, and type the following commands: su #here grant superuser access if prompted cd /data/local/tmp chmod 777 * ./flash_image.bin recovery ./recovery.img 2.2. You device doesn’t have to be rooted. Simply flash your recovery image using Rkflashkit on your PC. If the recovery is inside a zip file, simply extract it: the recovery image should be in the root directory of extracted zip folder.