Requisites: A Windows PC (Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 should all work). A class 10+ micro sdcard (class 6 should work but danuntu will be extremely slow, especially on heavy desktops like kde or xfce), or a USB drive. The size of the sdcard/USB drive must be at least 4 GB (8 for danuntu to work properly). WARNING: DURING THE INSTALLATION PROCEDURE YOU WILL HAVE TO CREATE A NEW PARTITION TABLE ON THE SDCARD/USB DRIVE, AND BY DOING SO YOU WILL PERMANENTLY DELETE THE CONTENTS OF THE SDCARD/USB DRIVE! THE DELETED DATA WON’T GO IN THE TRASH, IT WILL BE PERMANENTLY DELETED! I WARNED YOU! 1. Make sure you have enought space to download danuntu (the download size can be seen above the download mirror icon) and to extract it (below the table of the extracted sizes). If you don’t have enough space you can try to download danuntu on a secondary hard drive or on a usb drive and extract it on the local hard drive (or vice versa). To check how much space you’ve got left on your drive open Computer by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then clicking Computer. Click the hard disk you want to check. The total size and available free space appear in the Details pane at the bottom of the folder window. Extracted images sizes table 800MB danuntu-base-picuntukern.img 2.6 GB danuntu-gnome-picuntukern.img 3.5GB danuntu-kde-picuntukern.img 1.5GB danuntu-lxde-picuntukern.img 2.5GB danuntu-unity-picuntukern.img 3.5GB danuntu-xfce-picuntukern.img 2. Download the danuntu flavour you prefer (picuntu image version). 3. Extract the rar file with the image. You can use 7zip! 5. Connect your sdcard/USB drive and remember carefully its drive letter (for example H:) 4. Download and install win32diskimager. Open up win32diskimager, grant administrator rights, select your device by drive letter, the extracted danuntu image and click on write. As I wrote before,  WITH THIS ACTION THE CONTENTS OF THE SDCARD/USB DRIVE WILL BE PERMANENTLY DELETED! THE DELETED DATA WON’T GO IN THE TRASH, IT WILL BE PERMANENTLY DELETED! 6. When win32diskimager has finished writing the image disconnect your sdcard/usb drive. That’s it!